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Unexpected Moments: Rediscovering Myself on a Friday Night

It's Friday night, and the house is unusually quiet. The girls are off at Kids Night Out, and my husband and I had big plans for a long awaited date night. We had been looking forward to this, counting down the days until we could steal some precious moments away from our busy lives. But life has a funny way of throwing curveballs when you least expect them. Just as I was finishing getting ready, I received a call – my husband was stuck at work.

For a moment, frustration and disappointment threatened to take over. The rare opportunity for us to have time together slipped away. But then, I had a choice to make. I could wallow in the missed chance for us time or, instead, I could embrace the unexpected solitude, turn it into a chance to reconnect with myself, and have a date night with me.

In the whirlwind of homeschooling, the notion of spending time alone can feel foreign. As parents, we are used to constant company, juggling lessons, activities, and everyday tasks. Finding moments for ourselves feels like a luxury. Yet, I've come to realize that taking time for personal growth and self-care is just as important as nurturing my children's education. So, in this unplanned twist of fate, I decided to make the most of the evening and rediscover the art of catching up with myself.

As I sat in the quiet house, I realized how seldom I'm alone with my thoughts. The hum of daily life often drowns out my inner voice. This unexpected solitude was an opportunity to reconnect with the person I've become, to have a conversation with myself, and to simply enjoy the stillness.

Homeschooling is a wonderful journey, but it can be all-consuming. In the midst of working, teaching, planning, and managing the household, my own dreams and aspirations sometimes take a backseat. This evening alone got me thinking about my personal goals, dreams I've set aside, and the path I want to carve for myself beyond the homeschooling realm. I dusted off my old journal and flipped through the pages, reminiscing about the thoughts and dreams I had once poured onto those pages. It was a reminder that passions do not fade; they simply await rediscovery. Let's just say the wheels started turning and some of my dreams may be closer than I realized...but that is for another post.

While the turn of events initially seemed like a disappointment, it opened the door to an unexpected and valuable lesson. In the midst of homeschooling and the demands of family life, I must not forget to prioritize my own growth and well-being. As I sat alone in the house, I realized that embracing solitude and taking time for myself isn't just healthy – it's vital. And that something as simple as sipping a cup of tea and flipping through an old journal can bring a balance I didn't know I was missing.

Now let me ask you, when was the last time you delved into a hobby or activity that brings you joy? Whether it's reading, painting, writing, or simply enjoying a cup of tea in quietude, this unexpected me-time can serve as the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your passions. When was the last time you allowed yourself to engage in introspective conversations, addressing questions, dreams, and thoughts that have been waiting patiently in the wings?

Amid the bustling schedule, I challenge you to let these activities, thoughts, and hobbies once again take center stage in your life. Find time for yourself, even if it is just 15 minutes of alone time, to sit and reflect. To have the open-ended conversations with yourself and to just allow yourself to dream. You will be surprised as to how much these self-reflections can offer clarity, direction, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Remember, nurturing your well-being isn't selfish; it's a prerequisite to being the best version of yourself. So, here's to rediscovering ourselves, one quiet evening or moment at a time, and to finding joy in the company of the person we often overlook – oneself.


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